Current Members

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Sungwoo Park

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2018

Research Topics: Sound absorbable high performance concrete, Geocement

Graduate Students


Siyu Wu

PhD Student, UNIST

MSc, TU Dresden

BS, Pusan National University

Research Topics: Vibration reduction ability of construction materials


Suhawn Ju

MS-PhD Student, UNIST

BS, Pukyong National University

Research Topics: Sustainable construction materials

Alex 3-4

Alemayehu Moges

MS Student, UNIST

BS, Addis Ababa University

Research Topics: Sound absorbing concrete


Mandip Dahal

MS Student, UNIST

BS, Tribhuvan University

Research Topics: Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Oinam Yanchen

Yanchen Oinam

MS Student, UNIST

BS, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science

Research Topics: Water permeable concrete using industrial by-products



Dr. Jinyoung Yoon

Postdoc: 2019-2020

Current Position: Postdoc at Penn State University

Looking to Get Involved?

If you are an undergraduate student looking for a research experience, semester-long internship programs are available for you to get involved in actual research activities.

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in joining the Innovative Materials for Construction and Transportation Laboratory, you are encouraged to contact us.

We are also currently hiring postdoctoral researchers. Please contact Prof. Pyo at